Registering for Gemini Classes

Registration materials will be distributed in your high school classroom at the start of each semester.  Fall registrations are conducted in September and Spring registrations are conducted in February. An FLCC representative will visit your high school to help you register. Contact your high school counselor for exact dates and times.

To register be prepared with the following items:

✔ Gemini Registration Form

✔ Certificate of Residency Application form

✔ Social Security Number

✔ Photo ID and proof of address

Certificate of Residency Application Form

To complete the Certificate of Residency Application form, students must bring photo ID and proof of address (not a PO Box).  Double tuition is charged for students who do not turn in a certificate of residency application within 30 days from the start of the college semester or have not lived in New York State for at least one year. The Certificate of Residency is valid for one calendar year.  Students who complete the form in the Fall semester do not need to complete one for the Spring semester.

Gemini course registrations must be postmarked by the deadline. Students cannot register after the deadline. Late registrations will be returned.

Gemini Scholarship

Save half on college tuition at FLCC! FLCC’s Gemini Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement of high school seniors who are earning college credit in high school before pursuing full-time studies at Finger Lakes Community College. See details »