Class Cancellations

To receive class cancellations by text message, log into your WebAdvisor account. Select the address change link in the user account section. On the address change web page, enter or update your cell phone number and save changes by selecting submit.

Cancellation Announcements

The classes below will not be meeting on the dates listed.

  • BIO 115 01 K. Gauvin 10/15 12:00PM
  • ENG-113-01 Tracy Gossoo 3:30pm 10/15/18
  • ENG-101-06 Tracy Gossoo 12pm 10/15/18
  • ENG-095-02 Maureen Maas-Feary 9am 10/15/18 AND 10/17/18
  • ACC 101-01, Allen, 9:00 a.m., 10/15/18.

Class cancellations are maintained by the Division of Academic & Student Affairs.