Transferring Your Gemini Program Credits

We have an exceptional record of transferability to other colleges and universities, especially within the SUNY system. However, because there is no guarantee, it is wise to contact the colleges you are applying to and notify them of your FLCC credits.

Attending FLCC

If you are planning to attend FLCC upon high school graduation, you do not need to request a transcript. Credits earned through the Gemini Program will be applied directly to your degree. Please contact the Admissions Office at (585)785-1279.


We also provide an official FLCC transcript, which can be acquired for $5 at

Please note:
It is the discretion of the receiving institution to determine whether they will accept transfer credits from another college or university and how those credits will be applied. It is strongly recommended that the students check with the college or university of their choice for acceptance of FLCC transfer credit before registering for an FLCC course. When transferring your credits, be prepared to present your course syllabus and portfolio to college officials who might need more detailed course information before accepting the credit.


Gemini Scholarship

Save half on college tuition at FLCC! FLCC’s Gemini Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement of high school seniors who are earning college credit in high school before pursuing full-time studies at Finger Lakes Community College. See details »