Muller Field Station

Students in canoes paddling at the Muller Field Station

Located near the southern end of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes Region of western New York, the Muller Field Station provides field-based education for academic programs, laboratory experiences, community outreach, and the opportunity to participate in or observe local research projects. College and university students, local K-12 students and their teachers, community members, environmental organizations and agencies are all welcome visitors to the Station.

FLCC Muller Walleye Culture Program - A student on a boat holding a walleye with a view of a lake and shoreline in background

FLCC Walleye Culture Program

Professor John Foust describes the primary focus of FLCC's walleye culture facility at Muller Field Station, which trains students using state level fish culture processes and techniques.


Faculty & Staff

John Foust
Director of Muller Field Station
(585) 785-1599
Alexandria Esposito
Conservation Education Outreach Educator
(585) 785-1615


FLCC Muller Field Station
6455 County Road 36
Honeoye, NY
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