American Rescue Plan Guidance

Finger Lakes Community College is aware that since filing their FAFSA some students and families might have experienced significant changes to their family's financial situation based on circumstances associated with COVID-19, such as loss of a job or income, or other circumstances that impact the students ability to afford their attendance at the institution. Since our financial aid staff members have professional discretion and authority to review circumstances that involve unforeseen financial hardships, financial aid recipients and applicants have an opportunity to receive a possible financial aid adjustment based upon our review of submitted documentation that supports the change in the student or family's financial situation.

Special Circumstances Examples:

  • Significant loss or reduction of employment or income.
  • Complete or temporary closure of business since 2019.
  • Legal separation or divorce since 2019.
  • Death of a parent or spouse since 2019.
  • Substantial medical or dental expenses that were not covered by insurance.
  • One-time lump sum payment resulting in higher than typical income.
  • Loss of taxable/untaxable income (i.e., child support, social security, alimony, worker's compensation).

We cannot consider appeals regarding consumer indebtedness or discretionary personal expenses.

Important Notes:

A review of special circumstances is for federal aid purposes only. New York State eligibility will not be changed.

Submission of this request does not guarantee a change to your financial aid eligibility, payment due dates, deadlines or holds on your Student Account.

Some students with an EFC higher than $8,000 may see no change in aid or simply a loan offer change — i.e., unsubsidized student loan changing to a subsidized loan.

Request decisions are at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office staff, based on guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis with all decisions considered final.

Additional documentation may be required. Requests will be emailed to the student, parent, or both, depending on the circumstances.


Complete all three parts of this request and submit together with applicable documentation. Prior to sending, please feel free to blackout any sensitive information (such as social security or bank account numbers). Be sure to include your name and FLCC student ID on all pages of attachments.

  • Mail: Office of Financial Aid, 3325 Marvin Sands Drive, Canandaigua, NY 14424
  • Secure Fax: 585-394-0635
  • In-Person: Financial Aid Office- Main Campus, Student Wing 1145

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