Award-Winning Student Wines

Each year, student-made wines go head to head with some of the best winemakers throughout the state… and each year, FLCC's student wines have medaled.

Driven by a passion for winemaking

Winning awards is exhilarating, but it's also the direct result of the hard work and passion that our students and instructors bring to the Viticulture and Wine Technology program.

Hands-on learning, teamwork with classmates, and a thorough education in all aspects of the wine industry ready our students to create wines that stack up against the toughest competition. It's because of their program experiences that they are able to create award-winning wines. This program is designed for passionate and driven students of all ages who are excited about winemaking.

Awards Won

Bottles of wine with medals won from the NY Wine Classic


The 2017 "Imprint" vintage included six wines, winning one silver and four bronze from the New York Wine Classic.

Bottles of wind with medals from NY Wine and Food Classic


From 2016, "in transit." included nine wines, which brought home two gold and six bronze medals from the New York Wine & Food Classic.

Bottles of wine with medals and plaque from NY Wine and Food Classic


The inaugural vintage, "Gather" in 2015, included eight wines, all of which medaled. One gold, three silver, and four bronze were awarded by the New York Wine & Food Classic, as well as the "Best Limited Production Wine" plaque.

Customize your education

In our degree program, you can prepare for transfer and specialize in either winemaking or grape growing with an optional track.

Enology Track

Viticulture Track

Viticulture and Wine Center

Gain grape growing and winemaking experience in FLCC's specialized facility, located in a region that's home to advanced agricultural research.

More About the Center

Enology and Viticulture Tracks

As a Viticulture and Wine Technology student, you'll have the opportunity to specialize your studies in winemaking or grape growing through our Enology or Viticulture track programs. Both tracks are optional, and they are designed to prepare you for transfer opportunities after FLCC.

Enology Track

Viticulture Track