Academic Requirements and Policies

FLCC upholds a commitment to excellence, ensuring a quality learning experience for all students. Review the academic policies and standards that form the foundation of your education.

Academic Standards

Our academic standards are designed to help you succeed. Review our grading policy, academic probation information, and what's expected of our students. Learn more about academic standards.

Course Descriptions

We offer courses covering a wide range of subjects. Whether completing a program or taking a transfer class, you'll find all our current course descriptions here. Review course descriptions.

Elective Guidelines

Personalize your education with elective courses that supplement your learning. Discover which elective courses fulfill your program requirements. Review our elective guidelines.

Transfer Guidelines

We strive to make the transfer process as smooth as possible for you. Plan ahead so your hard work counts towards your educational goals. Review general education transfer requirements.

Prerequisite Information

Certain courses at FLCC require you to complete a prerequisite course first. This ensures you have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the course. Learn more about prerequisites.

Professional Licensure Disclosures

Our professional licensure disclosures provide crucial information about educational programs that lead to licensure or certification. Learn how to meet state requirements and take a decisive step toward your future career. Review our professional licensure disclosures.

World Languages Placement Guide

We offer courses in Spanish, French, and American Sign Language (ASL) at multiple levels of proficiency. Use our world language placement guide to determine the appropriate course for your skill level. Review our world language placement guide.