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Associate in Arts (A.A.)

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We live and work in a world of language. Words have the power to inform and influence. You love words. Maybe you want to pen the next great American novel, be a future Poet Laureate, compose a memoir, or create ad copy. At FLCC, you'll sharpen your skills in many forms of creative writing, both practicing the craft and developing the aesthetic insight for successful written expression.

A.A. Creative Writing

Written communication is essential to all industries. From sales to science, messaging must be crafted and sent out into the world. As website visitors, social media followers, and cereal box readers, we confront language everywhere. Someone has to write it. You love language; that's why you're reading this.

Can you imagine your love of words becoming a career?

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Jon Palzer

"To study creative writing is to immerse oneself deeply in what are arguably our greatest human gifts - language and imagination! They define our experiences and open our senses to the significance of our existence."