Alcohol & Drug Prevention

FLCC Promotes Student Health

Student Health Services offers personal and confidential wellness care, health counseling, care of health problems, and direct, accessible, low cost medical care referrals. We also provide alcohol, drug and violence prevention, including brief alcohol/drug educational counseling, screening, intervention and referral for any student in need.

Our office works in conjunction with all campus departments to promote students working with the community in positive ways and celebrating life without abuse of alcohol, drugs and other destructive activities.

Warning Signs & When to Get Help

Difficulty adjusting to college life, unexplained crying, bursts of anger or irritability, dramatic drop-off in academic performance, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, desire to avoid the company of others, use of alcohol/drugs to cope, disrupted sleep or other disturbing changes are warning signs for developing health problems.

If you experience any of these, call Student Health Services at (585) 785-1297. We will help you any way we can!