START-UP NY is an innovative program that allows new businesses the opportunity to operate completely tax-free by partnering with the world-class higher education institutions in the SUNY system, including FLCC.


START-UP NY encourages businesses to start, relocate or expand in New York State through affiliations with colleges and universities, including FLCC. In addition to academic benefits, there are economic benefits too. START-UP companies operate tax-free for ten years.

FLCC is actively engaged in START-UP NY and we work closely with our SUNY and New York State Economic Development Council partners. Approximately 50 percent of all SUNY schools have sponsored START-UP businesses. FLCC has three companies in START-UP. These businesses include: Idea Boxx, Construction Robotics, and Clear Cove Systems. Two more companies are in the works.

Additional Information

For more details on START-UP NY, visit If you are interested in exploring a START-UP NY partnership with FLCC, please contact us for more information.


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