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The Incubator, Math and Writing Center Tutoring schedules and hours can be found in the student group in Blackboard. Additional hours and subjects are available 24/7 through ThinkingStorm.

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Writing can be challenging. At times, the writing process may be difficult. The Writing Center at FLCC is the perfect go-to place to get the support you need to improve your writing and critical thinking skills. It's staffed with mentors who are available to explain concepts and provide guidance on your writing projects. This center is free to use and open to all FLCC students.

Accessing Reference Materials

In the Writing Center, you'll have access to writing samples and formatting handbooks for APA, MLA, and CSE. Dictionaries and copies of current textbooks are also available for use, among other resources. For step-by-step instructions on how to format papers in APA or MLA style, check out The Purdue Online Writing Lab. If you are looking for quick tips on how to solve common grammar issues, visit

Pursue our Mentoring Sessions

From generating your first ideas to providing a review on draft content, our mentors are here to discuss your writing and critical thinking, and they'll provide ways of moving forward from wherever you are in the process. To maximize your time with our mentors, we ask that you bring the following to every mentoring session:

  • Everything related to the project at hand (the syllabus, the assignment, related notes and drafts, and pertinent textbooks)
  • Any suggestions an instructor or reader has made on your work
  • Realistic expectations of what we can accomplish in the time you've chosen to work with a mentor

Schedule a Mentoring Session

Our mentoring sessions typically last between 30 minutes and an hour. We are available Monday-Friday for remote or in-person sessions. View our full schedule and make an appointment, or contact us to discuss your specific writing needs.

Tutoring Schedules

Tutoring is available for a variety of subjects including math, science and writing.

Tutoring Schedules


Canandaigua Campus

  • Write Place (Room 2441)
  • Owasco Writer's Studio (Room 6402)

Geneva Campus Center

Victor Campus Center

Newark Campus Center


Writing Center
(585) 785-1601

Appointments preferred; walk-in service available

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