Official Withdrawal from All Courses

Students who decide to withdraw from all courses for a semester should complete the Official College Withdrawal Form below. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email to the email entered on the form. Personal emails are recommended. Keep that email for your records. If a student withdraws after the start of the semester, their academic transcript may show W grades for the classes that the student was enrolled in. Students who withdraw from all courses will be automatically placed on academic probation upon re-enrolling at FLCC.

Academic Advising

Before a student withdraws from the college, it is strongly recommended that they speak with an advisor in the Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services Office prior to submitting the form. The advisor will be able to help students understand any consequences that may result from the withdrawal and discuss other options, if available. The Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services Office may be reached at (585) 785-1268 or via email at

Financial Aid

Whether you are withdrawing from the College or you just stopped attending all of your classes, your federal and state financial aid will be impacted. To discuss how this will impact your financial aid eligibility for the current and future semesters, contact the Office of Financial Aid to speak with a financial aid counselor, (585)785-1276 or

Official College Withdrawal Form

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