FLCC Honors Studies

Join other curious, highly motivated students in the inspiring scholastic and social community of Honors Studies. FLCC's Honors Studies learning opportunities engage you intellectually and artistically—both in and out of the classroom—in an environment that encourages reflection, creation, sharing, and in-depth exploration of a variety of topics.

The Honors Studies Experience

In your Honors Studies experience, you'll engage in courses that involve less lecture than what you would normally expect in the classroom. Instead, classes are seminar-style; these seminar classes are based on discussion and interaction with a focus on helping you overcome presentation fears, writing challenges, and more.

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Advantages of Becoming an Honors Studies Student

Participation in Honors Studies helps you grow as an individual, develop lifelong learning skills, and may aid you in transferring to a four-year school. You'll also hone the skills that many employers are seeking when hiring new employees. You can also expect many other advantages from pursuing Honors Studies:

  • As an Honors Studies student, you will be assigned to a specific advisor, and you'll have access to FLCC's Honors Studies Librarian.
  • Whatever Honors Studies courses you are involved in, you will have opportunities to present what you learned at the annual Honors Studies Convocation. Through this enriching learning experience, you'll also be eligible for Honors Studies awards.
  • Because Honors Studies encourages you to incorporate a personal passion into your work, you'll be able to delve into a topic you are enthusiastic about and explore your passion from a new perspective.
  • Upon graduating from FLCC with 15 points of Honors Studies experience, an Honors Scholar designation will be placed on your transcript, along with supporting documentation for your resume and transfer. (You must maintain a 3.25 grade point average to achieve the Honors Scholar distinction.)
  • You'll become eligible to apply for Honors Scholarships after earning six Honors Studies Points. (You must maintain a 3.25 grade point average to be eligible to apply for Honors Scholarships.)

Enrolling in Honors Studies

You don't have to BE an Honors Studies student... you can BECOME one. All you have to be is curious. Ready to enroll in an Honors Studies class? Just search "HON" when you're creating your class schedule, or contact the Director of Honors Studies, Dr. Trista Merrill, at (585)785-1357 or (especially during the summer months) at Trista.Merrill@flcc.edu. We look forward to your perspective!

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Dr. Trista Merrill
Director of Honors Studies
Phone: (585)785-1357
Email: honorsstudies@flcc.edu