Networking & Cybersecurity

Student working on network switch and cables

Use your problem-solving and strategizing skills to detect, reduce and prevent cyberattacks. This ever-changing field boasts generously paid opportunities locally, nationally and globally.

Networking and Cybersecurity Degree

Become a highly-marketable tech professional by earning your degree in Networking and Cybersecurity. In this program, you'll:

  • Acquire cutting-edge skills through an applied learning approach; each foundational course is taught in FLCC's state-of-the-art networking lab.
  • Participate in many digital forensics activities, which include analyzing RAM, reconstructing a cyberattack and learning how to recover deleted data.
  • Engage in ethical hacking activities and participate in classroom competitions that are designed to teach you how to troubleshoot and resolve real-world problems.

Program Overview

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Matthew Hance

"I was always very comfortable with computers and loved playing with Windows OS, but didn’t know much about networking or systems administration. This degree rounded out my knowledge and gave me the broad view of IT."