Networking and Cybersecurity

Student at a computer display programming a network switch

In a world of constantly evolving technologies and accessibility, it's essential to protect our privacy from the ever-present threat of attack. Networking and cybersecurity professionals are committed to keeping us safe by staying one step ahead of information and identity thieves.

Networking and Cybersecurity Degree

As an industry, cybersecurity is diverse, offering careers in computer analysis, security architecture, software development, and much more.

When you choose networking and cybersecurity at FLCC, you choose to gain the hands-on skills and knowledge to secure the world.

As a Networking and Cybersecurity major, you'll:

  • Acquire cutting-edge skills in a state-of-the-art networking lab.
  • Engage in ethical hacking activities.
  • Resolve real-world problems.
  • Participate in digital forensics; reconstructing cyberattacks and recovering lost data.
  • Analyze, plan, and manage an enterprise network.
  • Install and monitor networks/servers, manage data storage, and configure remote access.

Program Overview

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Jonathan Weissman

"There is not a single program out there that combines cutting-edge, hands-on experience and understanding of ethical hacking, digital forensics, and cybersecurity the way FLCC does. We are truly unmatched by other colleges."