Tech Companies are Hiring

Two computer programmers carefully evaluate information on screen in front of them. A second monitor with computer code glows in the background.

Some of the world's largest technology companies reside here in the United States. Being educated in a computer science-related field will get you ready to enter a healthy job market.

Demand for Computing Professionals is Strong

American companies are hiring, as the App Association reports that nearly 500,000 computing occupations remain unfilled. High-paying careers and job security make this path a logical one. For example, the average developer salary can be in the six-figure range.

Careers in Computer Information Systems

Careers with an advanced degree in Computer Information Systems exist in a wide range of industries, including Information Technology, healthcare, and finance. Positions are available in management and computer support, among other areas.

Professionals with a four-year education in CIS will be prepared for a variety of job options. Software developers, systems analysts, and database specialists are some of the occupations that are designed for these individuals. These types of careers offer mid- to high-range salaries.

Other in-demand positions in this field include web developers, computer programmers, and information systems managers.

Key Skills for Computer Information Systems Careers

Educated professionals in computer information systems are highly valued because they bring a variety of key skills to employers. Problem-solving, being a team contributor, and having the ability to respond to customer requirements are a few to mention. You will gain these types of skills with your FLCC degree.

Organizations are interested to know if you can interpret their informational needs and transform them into business applications. This degree path will equip you with specialized knowledge in data-mining, mobile applications, and emerging technologies, to name a few. You'll also pick up key skills in:

  • Computer Security
  • Database Systems and Design
  • Hardware and Software Development
  • Networking and Operating Systems
  • Programming

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