Associate in Science (A.S.)

Student in biotechnology lab using a pipette

Get ready for a career as scientist, researcher, or entrepreneur. Ultimately, your work could even include discoveries that lead to safer foods, treatments for diseases, or alternative energy sources!

The Experience

The biotech field is diverse, and this degree program equips you with an introduction to biofuels, genetically modified foods, biomanufacturing, cell and tissue culture, drug development and design, protein expression and purification, and recombinant DNA technology. Lead the change you wish to see with an A.S. in Biotechnology from FLCC!

When you complete this program, you'll be prepared to continue your studies in biotechnology, biology, biochemistry, or biomanufacturing. Some grads choose to explore the job market after graduation, landing positions as technicians in research or quality control.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in workplace "soft skills" including an industry acceptable level of technical writing and oral communication.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work on collaborative teams.
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform basic laboratory procedures, including the ability to select and utilize appropriate resources, supplies, and instrumentation to solve problems within a laboratory environment.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in critical advanced laboratory skills required for employment in the biotechnology industry.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the biotechnology industry.

Learn Industry-Standard Techniques

In this cutting edge program, you'll combine a technical environment with hands-on training and industry-standard techniques. Foundational courses are designed to develop your skills in cell culture, genetics, and biomanufacturing. You'll also gain unique opportunities to participate in undergraduate research projects.

As a Biotechnology student, you'll be prepared to transfer on and pursue a four-year degree in biotechnology or a related area, such as biology, biochemistry, or biomanufacturing, and/or gain hands-on training and prepare to enter the workforce in an entry-level biotech position.

Utilize FLCC's Biotech Lab

Much of your educational experience will revolve around our state-of-the-art biotechnology lab. This space is well-equipped with industry-standard resources that will prepare you for the workplace. You'll gain hands-on experience with cell culture and cryogenic equipment, bioreactors, and electrophoresis equipment. You can expect one-on-one classroom instruction with a focus on new, groundbreaking techniques in biotechnology.

Connect With Employers

When it's time to take the next steps, you can count on the experts in the Biotech program. Our instructors bring extensive knowledge of the field to our students, and many also have wide-ranging connections with employers and transfer institutions. Through Bio-link, an advanced technological center funded by the National Science Foundation, our Biotech students and grads develop their professional networks, find jobs, and connect with employers.

Transfer to a SUNY or Private Four-Year School

If your plans include a four-year degree, there are many transfer options to explore. Private and SUNY schools offer bachelor's degree programs in biotechnology and similar fields. Some of these institutions include:

  • Cornell University
    • Biology
    • Biochemistry
  • SUNY Brockport
    • Biological Sciences
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
    • Biotechnology
    • Bioinformatics

An established articulation agreement with Rochester Institute of Technology means that FLCC graduates with this degree can easily transfer into RIT's Biotechnology program. When you begin your studies at FLCC, you'll need to ensure that this agreement is in place. Then, maintain a GPA of 3.2 or higher, and you'll be accepted to RIT as a junior. FLCC's Transfer Services Office will guide you and answer your questions about the transfer process.

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Career Opportunities

Biotech professionals are in demand across many industries, including agriculture, health care, and manufacturing.

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