Get Experience in Architectural Design

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Classroom assignments and projects in the Architectural Technology program simulate tasks that would likely take place in an office setting or the design studios of a five-year professional program. In this program, you'll experience all aspects of the architectural profession from programming and schematic designs to contract documents and site visits.

Classroom Assignments and Projects

As a student in this program, you'll engage in classroom assignments and projects that range from sketching streetscapes to giving presentations of historically significant works to designing, drawing, and modeling original creative works. Throughout your studies, you'll gain a better understanding of the technical and theoretical aspects of the architectural field while developing your drafting and modeling skills. Most projects have the potential to be refined into artistic works that can be used as portfolio submissions.

Design Residential and Commercial Structures

In your program experience, you'll develop various residential and commercial designs. As a second-year student, you'll study and analyze historic buildings and design a residential project. For your project, you'll design a schematic concept for a hypothetical residence and then develop that design.

Additionally, you'll be assigned to work on a larger, more complex commercial project in your second year. Starting with an original schematic design, you'll develop various systems and solve technical problems to transform the schematic design into construction drawings.

Learn All Aspects of the Architectural Profession

In the Architectural Technology program, you'll study the various phases of the architectural process. Beyond architectural design, you'll analyze the details of contractual agreements, feasibility studies, construction management, materials, and building systems.

In addition, you'll research, analyze, and draw existing historic structures, which can be used as a framework for future original works. Your program experience will be enhanced by visiting local architectural firms and job sites, and touring the local Frank Lloyd Wright residence and Louis Kahn Unitarian Temple.

Matthew Rischpater

Matthew Rischpater is the lead instructor and advisor for the Architectural Technology program. He has nearly 20 years of experience in designing residential and small commercial structures throughout Western and Central New York, Miami, and the Florida Keys.