Liberal Arts & Sciences Tracks

As you pursue your Liberal Arts education at FLCC, you'll have the option of choosing a Liberal Arts track, which means you'll follow specific curriculum in one of the many tracks offered as areas of study. Upon completion, your transcript will indicate that you earned a Liberal Arts degree and will also indicate the track you've studied.

American Sign Language

American Sign Language is a growing language in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas, and it is the third most studied language on college campuses. FLCC's ASL track prepares you for transfer opportunities and for the career you'll ultimately pursue. Get information on the ASL track.


Learning a second language gives you a considerable advantage in today's globalized job market. With FLCC's French track, you'll begin preparing for a career that applies a diversity of languages to your everyday occupation. Explore the French track.


Practically every field contains people whose background is in the humanities. Choosing FLCC's Humanities track gives you the core educational background that'll lead you to discovering your career. View the Humanities track.


FLCC's Literature track prepares you for a career that centers on the written word. Close reading, critical analysis, and emphasis on writing are some of the key skills you'll gain while pursuing your Liberal Arts degree with a track in Literature. Learn about the Literature track.


Explore the options you can take with a career path that centers on applying mathematics. Taking the first steps and earning your Liberal Arts degree with a track in Mathematics gives you the education you'll need when seeking transfer opportunities. See the Mathematics track.


Earning your Liberal Arts degree with a track in Theatre provides you the technical production, acting, communication, and video production skills you'll need when seeking opportunities in acting, dramaturgy, directing, management and production. View the Theatre track.


Pursuing your Liberal Arts degree with a track in Writing gives you a broad, balanced exposure to the liberal arts by incorporating courses in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and sciences. Discover the Writing track.

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