Undecided Student Experience

A group of first-year FLCC student taking notes while exploring FLCC's main campus.

An estimated 75% of all college students switch their program at least once before they graduate. At FLCC, you'll benefit from these early exploratory semesters with the support of academic advisors and our friendly faculty.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Undecided Semesters

Follow this simple 3-step process to keep moving forward while you reflect on your professional goals and priorities.

Give yourself time to make career and academic choices with confidence.

College is a wonderful place to learn about yourself. Undecided students can use their first semester to take courses in a variety of fields to see what sticks. Our first-year courses are exploratory by design, giving you time to think through big life decisions.

Chat with other students to bring clarity to your thoughts.

Join a student club, hang out in the quad, or drop in for a round of Super Smash Bros with the Esports team. Time spent with others thinking through similar life choices can relieve stress and provide new ways to approach the question. You'll be amazed by how quickly this can lead to a decision. Learn more about student life at FLCC.

Take a wildcard course just because you can.

Use SUNY General Education electives to earn transfer credits while learning something new. Curious about contemporary culture? Take a course in anthropology or the humanities. Big into fitness? Sign up for a nutrition course and learn how to take your workout routine to the next level.

Practice self-reflection and listen to what your heart and mind are telling you.

Your likes and dislikes will become more obvious with time and experience. Your first semester courses may have fascinated you or confirmed that an area of study is not your thing. Either way, you've learned something valuable. Use that to narrow your choices.

Use our on-campus resources to research your college-to-career journey.

Faculty and career services are excited to explore these questions with you. Schedule a meeting with faculty in a program of interest or drop by career services to have a conversation about what you can do with a particular degree or certificate. Our dedicated team of educators have been guiding students through these decisions every semester for over 50 years.

Speak with your advisor to develop a strategy that works for you.

Everyone enrolled at FLCC has an academic advisor. These college planning pros can describe programs, explain graduation requirements, and identify the best course schedule based on your goals. You'll start working with academic advisors before your first semester and continue checking in with them throughout your time at FLCC. Learn more about academic advising.

Pick the program you'll see through to graduation.

Eventually, you'll have to commit to a program so you can take the courses you need to graduate. Your academic advisor will help you complete the form. Delaying too long may increase the time it takes to complete your education.

Remember that community college is just the beginning.

The great thing about FLCC is that you'll have opportunities to further refine your skills after you graduate. Whether you pursue a professional career or plan on transferring to a four-year school, you'll continue to define and redefine yourself for many years to come. Our students successfully pivot from one discipline to another all the time — and you can too!

Enroll in a Liberal Arts Program

Every student at FLCC must choose a program on our college application form, although it's easy to change that selection as necessary. If you don't know what you want to study at the time you apply, select one of our two liberal arts degrees on your application. These flexible programs help you explore a variety of interests and earn valuable transfer credits.

Want to study something more specific? Browse our 50+ programs to find a pathway that speaks to you.

An undecided student studying in the library.

A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences

This program explores topics in humanities, literature, philosophy, social sciences, and more. You'll spend time analyzing cultural practices, constructing arguments, and gaining perspective on current social and political issues.

A.A. Liberal Arts

Two students and an instructor studying chemicals together in a lab.

A.S. Liberal Arts: General Studies

This program explores topics in science, medicine, math, engineering, and more. You'll spend time conducting experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics labs while working toward a pre-professional or STEM career.

A.S. Liberal Arts

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As a SUNY college, our general education courses align with colleges and universities all over the state. This makes transferring between programs and schools simple and cost-effective, with a low risk of losing credits.

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