High School Equivalency (HSE)

FLCC's HSE program provides you the instruction you'll need to earn your HSE diploma. It offers non-credit HSE classes, including an HSE course in Spanish, both at no cost. HSE courses prepare you to take the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC, formerly known as the GED), and lead you to earning your HSE diploma from the New York State Education Department.

About the Program

FLCC's HSE program provides you basic skills instruction in science, social studies, reading, math (algebra, geometry and trigonometry), English and writing. Each HSE course teaches you the materials you can expect to see on the TASC. Program career advisors offer you assistance with selecting career goals and enrolling in post-secondary education and training.

Program Requirements

HSE courses are open to adults and out of school youth age 17 and older. Before enrolling in HSE courses, you'll be required to attend an orientation, where you'll pretest in math and reading. As an enrollee, you must achieve New York State Education Department (NYSED) level 3 cutoff scores in math and reading pretests. TASC testers must achieve passing scores on all five TASC official readiness tests including a written essay before applying to take the TASC.

Class Schedule & Registration

FLCC's HSE program offers day and evening classes in fall, spring and summer semesters. Students are admitted every five weeks into the program and are given a flexible time frame for completing it. New students entering HSE classes must attend an orientation session prior to registration.

Summer 2021 TASC and ESL Class Schedule Adobe Acrobat, PDF

Verification Forms

Before officially enrolling in FLCC's HSE courses, youth ages 17 and 18 will need to submit official NYSED verification forms. These forms verify that students are not currently enrolled in school and meet the NYSED testing requirements.

TASC Age Eligibility Form Adobe Acrobat, PDF

TASC Test Centers

FLCC is a regional TASC test center. The official TASC is offered on Main Campus, Geneva Campus Center, and the Newark Campus Center.

Contact us about upcoming TASC test dates.

Outcomes & Next Steps

After successfully completing the TASC, you'll receive your HSE diploma from the NYSED. Transcripts are also issued by the NYSED. All FLCC TASC program graduates can participate at FLCC's HSE graduation ceremony each June.

Career advisors are assigned to each class to assist you in the completion of your goals of achieving your HSE diploma and going on to college or postsecondary training. Career advisors can assist you with choosing a career, preparing your resume, or with helping you apply to college.

Contact Information

Kathleen Guy
Adult Literacy Education Coordinator
FLCC Canandaigua Campus
(585)785-1431 or (585)785-1544
FLCC Geneva Campus
(315)789-6701 ext. 6023