Computer Science

Associate in Science (A.S.)

Students in computer lab using dual screen monitors

Prepare for an in-demand career in computer science, where positions tend to be high paying and employees are often valued for their unique skills and expertise. Programmers, software engineers, and data professionals are some of the most sought-after professionals.

Computer Science Degree

Pursue your passion for technology and apply it to an ever-changing career in computer science. This degree program is designed for those who have an interest in computers, hardware, or software. Graduates of this program are:

  • Prepared to pursue a bachelor’s in Computer Science
  • Equipped with in-demand skills including technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Educated in the many areas that are growing in this field such as Virtual Reality, Business Analytics, and Information Technology

Program Overview

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Computer Science Offers Trendy Careers

Computer Science majors are among the most coveted techies in today’s job market.

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Maggie Miller

"My degree opened many doors for me. As a person who has always seen herself as more of a design-oriented or front-end type person, learning the back end when I began programming gave me a completely different perspective of my work."