Pathways Speakers Program

When it comes to academics and today's global job market, there are many pathways that students can explore. To help navigate this process, our Pathways Speakers Program at FLCC offers expert knowledge from professionals in a variety of fields. Through this program, FLCC faculty, staff, and retirees will share their expertise with students in our service area, and they will discuss the steps they took to establish their careers.

Topics and Speakers

Our Pathways Speakers Program is dedicated to encouraging youth at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to enroll in and complete a college degree or certificate. Throughout the 2017-18 academic year, we will offer a variety of guest speaker presentations at local schools. In these presentations, our knowledgeable speakers will bring relevance to their professional field, and they will help students understand the important role education plays in creating a successful career path.


Patty Thompson, Instructor, Environmental Conservation & Horticulture

As a scientist by training, Patty Thompson has been keeping bees for approximately 10 years as a hobby. In her presentation, Patty will explain how a hive works, and she will utilize equipment to show how a hive operates through interactive instruction and captivating photos.

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Current and Future Opportunities in Criminal Justice

James Sconfietti, Associate Professor, Social Science

In his topic of discussion, James Sconfietti will share with the audience his academic background and career path in law enforcement. James will also talk about the current job market in criminal justice, and he will discuss the preparation process students go through in order to become successfully employed in this field.

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Developing Skills for Success through Athletics

Robert Lowden, Director of Athletics

Robert Lowden will discuss his background in athletics, and he will share with the audience what he has learned in this field and how it has helped him excel in education and in his career. Robert will also explore the types of skills students can acquire in athletics that may not be obtainable in the classroom.

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Expanding your Pathway and Mindset with International Travel

Michael VanEtten, Assistant Professor, Humanities Department

Travel, language, and cultural studies can be used to strengthen any career path. Enhancing yourself in these areas can set you apart from other students in academic programs, transfer schools, and employment. Michael VanEtten will share his field experience and study abroad excursions in his topic presentation, and he will share how adding travel, language, and cultural studies to any program can increase your marketability in the workplace.

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Food Processing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Izy Grooms, Assistant Professor, Science/Technology

Izy Grooms will cover how food processing has changed since the 1970's and relate it to common concerns around disease risk, obesity, and whole foods versus processed foods. She will also chat about the excessive amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar that are added to our foods and the effects this all has on our health.

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Managing Risk and the Importance of Education

Dawn Hess, Director of Enterprise Risk Management and Environmental, Health and Safety

Currently working toward completing her doctorate in education, Dawn Hess is a student, life-long learner, and scholar practitioner. In her presentation, Dawn will discuss how education can transform lives, and she will also emphasize the importance of allowing your career to develop and be transformed by opportunities.

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The Best Audio Engineers are Musicians

Jonathan Belec, Assistant Professor, Music/Music Recording

A career in music recording involves education, experience, ambition, and excellent communication skills. Even if it is your goal to focus on gaming or sound design, a basic knowledge of music theory is essential. Jon Belec will focus his presentation on the various options that exist in audio, and how understanding the language of music plays an important role.

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Viticulture and Wine Technology within the Finger Lakes

Gina Lee, Technical Specialist–Viticulture/Wine Technology

Throughout her topic of discussion, Gina Lee will explore FLCC's Viticulture and Wine Technology degree program and how it relates to and provides skilled labor to the Finger Lakes region and beyond.

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What is a Population Ecologist?

Clinton Krager, Associate Professor, Science/Technology

In his topic of discussion, Clinton Krager will describe what a population ecologist is, what they do, and why they are important. He will also provide several examples of various organisms that he has worked with.

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Presentation Guidelines

In a series of 30 to 45-minute presentations, our guest speakers will provide insight into their occupations and discuss the important lessons they have learned. 

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Are you a current or former FLCC employee and would like to share your career path with students? If so, you can become a pathways speaker and help inspire students to explore different career and educational opportunities.

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