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Online/SLN Course Information

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Registering for an SLN Course

If you are a currently enrolled student at FLCC and wish to register for an on-line course, please follow the registration procedures for current students. (link to eventual current student reg page)

If you are not currently enrolled in credit-bearing courses at FLCC, please review the FLCC registration information page for students not currently enrolled at FLCC.

Note: if you have recently applied to the College for acceptance, you will receive registration instructions from the Admissions Office.  Students wishing to take less than 12 credit hours and not wishing to earn a degree from FLCC, do not need to apply for admission to take classes.

How to Log On and Request a Password on SLN

Once you have completed the FLCC Registration process and receive confirmation that you are enrolled in the class, you need to create a SLN account to access the class online.  Please visit FLCC Online page for information on creating your online account.


Visit the SLN web site for detailed information on materials required for each course. (These may include textbooks, videotapes, software, hardware, etc.) Select "Course List"; then select "Course Description" to follow the links to your course. Information on purchasing the books required for your class can be found at You may also contact the FLCC bookstore (585-394-1335) with questions.

Withdrawing from an SLN Course

Drop and Withdrawal Procedure

Students must submit drop requests to the One Stop Center during the first twenty calendar days of the semester in order to get a refund or reduction in tuition liability.

Students wishing to drop an SLN/online class can send an email to indicating which class they wish to drop. A verbal notice by a student to an instructor, advisor or any FLCC staff member does not constitute a formal course withdrawal. Students who are matriculated at FLCC should also inform the Educational Planning and Career Services office, (585) 394-FLCC ext. 7267, if they decide to withdraw completely from the College.

Refund Policy - Credit Courses

If tuition has been paid by cash, check or credit card, you may be entitled to a refund if timely drop slips or withdrawal documentation are submitted to the One Stop Center or

The date on which the Registrar receives forms or email notification of a drop will be used to determine refunds. To receive a full refund of already paid tuition and fees, a drop forms or email notification must be received by the Student Records Office at least one business day prior to the start of the semester.

The schedule for tuition refund may be accessed on the Bursar information page.

If the College cancels courses and your status changes from full- to part-time as a result, the appropriate tuition and fees will be refunded. If a student changes from full- to part-time status (11 or less credit hours/semester) after the semester has started, a refund will be issued according to the schedule for tuition refund.

If you paid by cash, check, credit card or money order, a College refund check will be issued.

Return of Federal Financial Aid Funds

Federal regulations (the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, regulation 34 CFR part 668.22) require each school to have a written policy for the refund and repayment of Federal Title IV aid received by students who withdraw during a term for which Title IV aid payment has been received. These policies are effective only if the student completely terminates enrollment (i.e., cancels his/her registration, withdraws, or is dismissed) or stops attending classes before completing more than sixty percent of the enrollment period. Please refer to the College Catalog or contact the Bursar's Office (ext.7229) or their bulletin board for more information.

Delinquent Accounts Policy

Students with delinquent accounts with the College may be denied the privilege of pre-registering for the next semester. Also, their statement of grades and/or official transcripts will be withheld until their delinquent balance is paid in full at the Bursar's Office. It is the College policy to assign delinquent accounts to a collection agency. Students will be responsible for the outstanding balance, plus all late payment fees, collection agency fees in the range of 33.33 percent to 66.6 percent, court costs and attorney fees. Furthermore, the collection agency will notify all credit reporting agencies of the outstanding debt.

Additional Information about SLN/online Courses

Additional information about SLN/online courses at FLCC can be found at