Campus Safety Services

The Office of Campus Safety provides a wide range of services for students, employees, and visitors at FLCC’s main campus in Canandaigua. Campus Safety also provides support services to the campus centers. 

Contact Campus Safety  

  • Emergency 911 
  • Non-emergency (585)785-1900, or extension 1900 from an on-campus phone

Medical Emergency

Campus Safety responds to medical situations on Main Campus in Canandaigua and coordinates Emergency Medical Services response if needed. Dial 911 for an emergency response.

Personal Notification

Campus Safety can be contacted at (585)785-1900 in the event of an urgent situation requiring the personal notification of an individual on Main Campus.

Parking Permits

Campus Safety issues all parking permits. Contact us in the event you have a disability or need a faculty/staff permit. 

Crime Reporting

The Office of Campus Safety responds to and investigates criminal incidents occurring on Main Campus in Canandaigua. FLCC Campus Safety Officers are sworn peace officers and can make arrests if necessary. Campus Safety maintains radio contact with other law enforcement and public safety agencies for fast response during emergencies. Dial 911 for on-campus emergency response. 

Crime Prevention

For information about personal safety, loss prevention, and victim’s rights, dial 1900 or stop by the Office of Campus Safety.

Personal Escorts

FLCC Campus Safety can provide an escort in certain circumstances. Victims of domestic violence or in possession of a court order of protection can contact us by visiting 2202 in person or by phone at (585)785-1900.

Lost and Found

Is located in the Office of Campus Safety, room 2202. 

Vehicle Assists

Car trouble assistance (lockouts, jump start requests) can be requested by calling (585)785-1900.

Information Desk

General information, including maps of the campus, is available at the Campus Safety reception area in room 2202. Call (585)785-1900.

Safety/Fire Concerns

Report any safety or hazardous situation to the Office of Campus Safety by calling (585)785-1900. 

The Office of Campus Safety can provide assistance to anyone on campus. Stop by room number 2202, or call us at (585)785-1900, or extension 1900 from an on-campus phone.