Traffic & Parking Regulations

Parking at FLCC

Student Parking

Finger Lakes Community College offers our students and the public free parking in our A and G lot areas. No permit is required when parking in A or G lot.

Employee Parking

D-Lot (located behind the main building) is reserved for permit parking. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit will be issued tickets and can be towed. FLCC Employees can apply for a parking permit by contacting Campus Police at (585)785-1900. A permit is not required to park in D lot after 3 PM, Monday through Friday, and all day on the weekend.

Loading Dock

C Lot is a loading dock area and a no parking zone. Vehicles parked in C lot will be issued tickets and are subject to being towed without notice.

Handicap Parking

Vehicles displaying a valid handicap parking permit may park in the areas reserved for handicap parking. Temporary handicap permits may be obtained through the Office of Campus Police, and require the submission of an application and a doctor's statement of need. NYS handicap permits are available for longer periods and may be obtained through your town or city clerk's office. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit will receive a violation. Vehicles may be wheel locked or towed without notice, at the owner's expense for some violations.


Bicycles must be parked in the racks provided near the Library. Do not bring them into the building. We recommend using a bike lock to secure your bike to the rack.


Snowmobiles and ATVs are not to be driven on campus at any time, unless for authorized, instructional purposes.

Overnight Parking

A disabled vehicle may remain on campus for a maximum of four days, provided that the Office of Campus Police has been notified. Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Overnight parking is prohibited without prior authorization.


Handicap Space $50
Traffic Sign Violation, Wheel Lock $25
Fire Lane, Reserved Space $15
Lawn, Sidewalk, Roadway, Other $10
Towing $100 cash plus tax and storage

Traffic violations are adjudicated by Hopewell Town Court

FLCC Campus Police Officers have legal authority to enforce and make arrests for all NYS Vehicle and Traffic Laws, and make arrests, as well as all parking and traffic regulations adopted by the College. Payment for parking violations must be submitted to the FLCC Student Accounts Office, (585)785-1405. Failure to submit payment will subject the vehicle to wheel locking ($25) or towing at your expense, and grades/transcripts may be withheld.

Violations may be appealed by submitting an appeal form with the Office of Campus Police within seven days of receipt of the violation. Following review, a decision will be made to void or sustain the summons. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call (585)785-1900.


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