FLCC Alert

FLCC uses FLCC ALERT to notify the college community of emergencies, snow closings and important safety information. The FLCC ALERT system can send voice, email, and text messages and also activate FLCC’s video monitors and post messages on all networked PCs as well as Facebook and Twitter. The system may also be used to clarify or update emergency notifications that have been sent by local, state, or federal authorities to wireless devices in and around the College.

Emergencies/Imminent Threats

Ontario County 911 is now capable of activating the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), which sends alerts to all wireless devices in the vicinity of an imminent threat to public safety. You may have received an alert from the National Weather Service using the IPAWS system as a result of the severe weather we have experienced this summer (flooding, tornado warnings). The Federal Emergency Management Agency oversees this system. You do not need to sign up. Messages come automatically. More information about IPAWS can be found at fema.gov/integrated-public-alert-warning-system.

Weather Closures, Timely Warnings and Follow-up Messages

FLCC ALERT will be used for: weather closures, delays, and any follow-up messages to alerts from local emergency management agencies.

FLCC Students

You can verify or update your contact information for FLCC ALERT in your WebAdvisor account. After logging in as a student, click the "Address Change" tab in the upper left hand area. Be sure to list cell phone numbers in the cell phone field so that you can receive text messages. Contact the FLCC Helpdesk at (585)785-1419 if you require assistance.

FLCC Employees

You can keep your contact information current simply by updating your contact information in WebAdvisor. After logging in as an employee, click the "Address Change" tab in the upper left hand area and verify that the information is accurate.