Humanities Department

The Humanities Department serves all students through its English 101 and 103 courses, which are required in all degree programs. It also offers a wide menu of electives to prepare students for transfer into baccalaureate liberal arts programs. These include courses in writing, literature, philosophy and world language.

Areas of Study

Honors Studies

If you are a curious and motivated student, exploring Honors Studies courses at FLCC will provide you alternative educational experiences. Honors classes center on reflection and community building. They are available to full-time and part-time students in all degree programs. Successful completion of these courses, or earning your Honors Studies certificate or diploma, can increase your transfer options and make you eligible for specific scholarships.

Honors Studies

Study Abroad

FLCC also offers study abroad coursework in France and Costa Rica that allows you to immerse yourself in another language and culture. These opportunities—unique at a community college—expand your personal growth and world view, making you more attractive to prospective transfer schools and further increasing your marketability to employers.

Study Abroad



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