Rental Property Listing

As a service to FLCC students and area property owners, the Housing & Residential Life Office offers the Online Rental Property Listing.

FLCC Online Rental Property Listing

To view current off-campus housing listing provided by area property owners, please choose a category. Please note that properties listed are not exclusive to FLCC students. While multi-unit properties rent to FLCC students, they also provide housing to other populations.

Housing Categories


The FLCC Online Rental Property Listing is designed to help students locate local housing arrangements.  Landlords are listed by application through the FLCC Office of Housing and Residential Life. Landlord Application Packet Adobe Acrobat, PDF

The Suites at Laker Landing

Students interested in The Suites at Laker Landing should visit for more information. The Housing & Residential Life Office is available to respond to questions regarding The Suites at Laker Landing and assist those currently residing in the suites.

Rental Property Listing Policy

FLCC, FLCC Association Inc., or Association Housing LLC DOES NOT OWN OR OPERATE ANY OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING. All listed properties are privately owned and operated. This online listing is maintained solely as a service for students. College personnel do not supervise the premises described and will NOT become party to private landlord-tenant matters.  College personnel will not become involved in any transactions between or on behalf of landlords or tenants, such as directing or arranging the lease of a particular facility, collecting rents and deposits, paying damages, dictating terms of lease, or otherwise making the college party to private landlord matters.

The accommodations herein listed are made available without restriction based on race, creed, color, handicap, sex, or national origin. FLCC, FLCC Association Inc., and Association Housing LLC assumes no obligation for compliance with local statutes for fire and housing code inspections. We would recommend the tenants request verification of said inspections.

For individuals interested in applying for listing in the FLCC Online Rental Property Listing.

Landlord Application Packet

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