Disability Services

Student/Parent Guide

  • Services provided under the IEP do not necessarily transition to college services. Most testing modifications transfer, but in class accommodations may significantly differ.
  • For any college student who has a disability, you're entitled to full confidentiality. Information regarding grades, performance, attendance, etc., cannot be disclosed with anyone other than you without your permission.
  • In high school, teachers were given a copy of your IEP. In college, your disability documentation remains with Disability Services and is not disclosed to the professors.
  • You can work with Disability Services to discuss effective methods to help communicate your accommodation needs to your professors. To make this process easier, you can request an accommodation notification letter from Disability Services verifying that you'll be using accommodations. Accommodation letters never disclose what your disability is.
  • You must register with Disability Services in order to receive accommodations and accommodation letters.
  • Disability Services does not test or retest you regarding your disability.

Student Responsibilities

  1. After you have applied and received a student ID number, the next step is for you to schedule your placement test. Before the test is administered, you should plan to fully register with Disability Services and discuss your individual needs with us. This can be done by contacting our Disability Services Coordinator, Melissa Soules at (585)785-1441.
  2. Next, you'll need to Initiate the application process by disclosing a need for accommodations.
  3. You must provide current and complete written documentation of the disability from an appropriate and qualified source.
  4. It is important for you to notify Disability Services when you cannot attend class if the following services are provided: interpreter, note-taker, and/or scribe. An ongoing, consistent pattern of absences without appropriate notification may result in a discontinuance of services. When a service is discontinued, you may meet with Disability Services to seek reinstatement of the service(s) you're using.
  5. You should notify instructors in advance of an anticipated absence from class(es).
  6. Lastly, you should advocate to your instructors regarding approved accommodations/services. In the beginning of each semester, you should obtain your "Accommodations Notification" and share it with your instructors.

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