Disability Services

Eligibility & Requirements

Services and reasonable accommodations are granted to you if you complete the Disability Services application and submit complete written documentation of your disability from an appropriate and qualified source (e.g. licensed psychologist). The documentation should clearly state a detailed diagnosis and include specific recommendations for academic accommodations. Services cannot be provided to you if you don't submit the necessary documentation. At FLCC, we don't provide evaluations.

Guidelines for Documentation

Each individual student must provide documentation that contains two elements:

  1. A diagnosis of the specific disability (type of disorder) from a qualified professional. The diagnostician is encouraged to use direct language in the diagnosis. Note: individual "learning styles," "learning differences," and "test anxiety" do not constitute a learning disability.
  2. A rationale (clinical summary) for the requested accommodations based on testing, diagnostic interview (case history), etc. The data should logically reflect a substantial limitation to learning and relate to the specific functional limitations that necessitate accommodation.

The statement of disability, or diagnosis, provides the proof of disability and helps to determine your accommodations and services. Previous provision of services or lack thereof does not guarantee or preclude College services. Please contact Disability Services for a detailed list of appropriate documentation.

Handling of Records and Confidentiality

Records related to student disabilities are kept on file in the appropriate services office. We have the responsibility to maintain confidentiality of these records and may not release any such records without your written consent.

If you have a disability, you are not required to reveal the nature of your disability to an advisor or instructor. However, you're strongly encouraged to discuss your accommodations and/or modifications with your instructor(s) and advisor.