Disability Services


Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

  1. As a student, initiating the request for accommodations/services is your responsibility.
  2. Requests for services/accommodations will not be processed until documentation of the disability is received and reviewed by Disability Services.
  3. Requests for services/accommodations can be made anytime during the year. However, to ensure that accommodations/services are in place at the beginning of the semester, it is strongly recommended you complete the Disabilities Services application and submit complete written documentation of your disability prior to the beginning of the given semester. Although the College makes every effort to process requests for accommodations/services in a timely manner, late requests may result in a short delay in receiving support services.

Once written documentation is on file and the accommodations/services are agreed upon, a general procedure is followed:

  • Each semester, you must pick up Accommodations Notification Forms. This profile states the academic accommodations that you are entitled to access. It is also your responsibility to disseminate the Accommodations Notification Form to your instructor(s). You should discuss accommodations with your instructor(s) and determine if there are any clarifications needed as to how and when the accommodations will be provided.

When Testing Accommodations are Required

You must schedule tests with Disability Services and fill out a Test Accommodations Request Form one week prior to the testing, minimally three days in advance. On a case-by-case basis, a student may be permitted to use accommodations even when giving less than 3 days’ notice – depending on the circumstance. We will notify the instructor by providing them an Instructor Test Accommodation form. This form and the test will be returned by the instructor to Disability Services prior to testing.

Please note that you may not deliver your own tests. All tests must be delivered by the instructor. Testing accommodations will only be provided when these steps have been completed. Accommodations for test(s) at the campus centers will be scheduled and provided by the Academic Support Centers when the above steps have been completed.

When a Note Taker is a Student's Approved Accommodation

If class notes are not available on Blackboard, a copy of notes is needed. You must request professor assistance for recruiting a note taker from the class. Alternatively, you may choose someone from the class to be your note taker and must bring that person to Disability Services to complete paperwork.

Course Waivers

Required courses in a degree program may not be waived. Please note: The Health/Physical Education requirement will NOT be waived for any student. The Physical Education and Integrated Health Care department will work with you to adapt a Health/Physical Education course to meet your needs. You must contact the department chairperson to arrange an adaptive course. In addition, Health/Physical Education credit may be earned by participation in a health and/or first aid course.