Gemini Program

Earn college credit during your regular school day without ever leaving your high school! Through FLCC’s Gemini program, high school students have the opportunity to complete FLCC courses at their high school prior to graduation. You’ll get a head start on your college education, and you’ll save money. The college credits you earn will apply to an FLCC degree, or you can transfer the credits to another college or university.

How it works

Students earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Qualified high school teachers are approved by FLCC to deliver the college course in their school. A variety of courses are available for students to explore. When registering and paying for courses, a $5 per credit hour student fee will be due. The student fee is waived for students who are eligible for free and reduced meals.

As a student in the Gemini program, you are considered an FLCC student. This gives you access to valuable services such as FLCC’s online library resources. The college credits you earn can be applied to an FLCC degree, or you can transfer the credits to another college or university.


To enroll in Gemini classes, you must be a junior or senior in high school, although you may enroll in certain Business, College Study Strategies, Computer Science, World (Foreign) Language, and Health/Physical Education courses as a sophomore, if your school offers these classes. See your high school counselor for details. Students must meet the prerequisites required in Math, English, and Science courses as defined in the Faculty Handbook and Student Guide. School counselors or instructors may appeal eligibility criteria on behalf of a Gemini student by submitting a Gemini student appeal form along with a letter of recommendation, transcript, or recent report card.

Gemini vs Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses

In FLCC’s Gemini program, college courses are taught in high school, and college and high school credits are both awarded for the same course. Success is based on a number of different assessments throughout the semester, not solely upon one test. For Advanced Placement (AP) courses, college-level exams are given, and students may receive college credit, depending upon their test scores. Gemini provides more course options, alleviates the anxiety of high stakes testing that is associated with AP (and IB) courses, and provides the academic edge needed for acceptance into highly selective colleges.

Gemini Scholarship

Save half on college tuition at FLCC!

FLCC’s Gemini Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement of high school seniors who are earning college credit in high school before pursuing full-time studies at Finger Lakes Community College.

Gemini Scholarship Details & Application