Nursing — Accelerated LPN to RN Option

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Nursing students practicing medical treatment in the Sands Family Center for Allied Health at FLCC.

Use your prior nursing experience and education to fast-track your Registered Nurse (RN) credential. Our accelerated LPN to RN program can help you take your career in healthcare to the next level in as little as 18 months.

A.A.S. Nursing — Accelerated LPN to RN Overview

Are you ready for more professional responsibility in the healthcare field? This program will prepare you for the next step in your nursing career. You'll receive credit for your existing LPN experience, allowing you to complete your RN qualification faster.

Our hands-on clinical experiences and comprehensive National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) prep will ensure you're ready to excel in your new role.

Making the Transition from LPN to RN

As an LPN, you provide basic patient care under the supervision of registered nurses and doctors. You're often the first point of contact for patients, delivering essential services like taking vital signs, changing bandages, assisting with personal hygiene, and updating records.

As an RN, you'll coordinate patient care plans and perform more complex medical procedures. You'll also analyze medical information and make critical decisions about a patient's health and comfort.

Fast-Track Your Nursing Career

The nursing component of this program may be completed in three semesters and one winter or summer session. Advanced placement is granted after knowledge and skills assessment of NUR 111 content. Students must enroll for a minimum of 32 credit hours, 27 of which must be in nursing, to attain an A.A.S. in Nursing at Finger Lakes Community College.

Interested persons should contact the the Admissions Office at or (585) 785-1279 for more information.

Apply by the term deadline to receive a priority decision.

You may submit supplemental materials after the priority deadline. We review application materials on a rolling basis.

  • Graduated from an accredited high school or earned their equivalency diploma.
  • Successful completion of prerequisite courses:
    • Math — high school algebra, college algebra, or MAT 115 Mathematics for Health Care Professionals (at FLCC).
    • Chemistry — high school chemistry with lab or college equivalent (CHM 092 Introduction to Chemistry at FLCC).
    • General Education — FLCC courses or approved transfer credits must be a C or higher for the following courses:
      • Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 cr.)*
      • Composition I (3 cr.)
      • Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. The GPA calculation will factor in all college coursework. The Nursing Admissions Committee will review borderline candidates who have demonstrated recent academic success.
  • Current licensure as an LPN (submit a copy of the registration)
  • Official LPN transcripts

*You must take BIO 171 Human Anatomy & Physiology I, BIO 172 Human Anatomy & Physiology II, and BIO 230 Microbiology within seven years of matriculation.

Provide documented evidence of having either:

  • Graduated within the past two years from an ACEN-accredited LPN program with a B average (84 or 3.0 GPA) or better in nursing courses. If this condition is met, no examination will be required to validate learning equivalent to FLCC Health concepts I (NUR 111). Upon admission and acceptance into the accelerated option, six credits will be granted for Health concepts I (NUR 111). Contact the Nursing Department if you believe you meet this requirement.
  • Achieved a C+ grade (74) on the NLN Foundations of Nursing Exam (exam NACE FON v.1.2) using Proctor 360. The cost of the challenge exam is approximately $86. Exam prep and practice materials are available on the NLN site and cost approximately $55.00 (SKU NRF-PREP). We encourage you to review the NLN Exam Guide before you sign up for the NLN Exam. Proctor 360 also provides Online Exam Support Guides to review when preparing for the exam. Please contact for further questions.

Testing and eligibility details:

  • The Nursing Challenge Exam test score remains valid for two years from the date of taking it.
  • You can only take the challenge exams once.
  • You must pass the NLN Foundations of Nursing Exam with a 74 or better to be eligible for the Accelerated LPN to RN track.
    • Note: If your score on the NLN Foundations of Nursing Exam was between 65-73, you can be reviewed for the traditional track and have the TEAS exam score requirement waived. In this situation, the NLN Foundations of Nursing Exam points applied at application review are as follows: 65-69 = 40 points and 70-73 = 60.
  • If you have already taken courses in the FLCC A.A.S. Nursing sequence, a grade of C or better is required in these courses to be eligible for admission into this program option.
  • If you've had two or more unsuccessful attempts in nursing coursework as defined by the previous program(s) attended in two different semesters in a nursing program other than FLCC's, you will not be eligible for admission to the FLCC Nursing program.
  • If you have taken nursing courses in a program other than FLCC, you must request a Good Clinical Standing letter from the director of that previous program.
  • If you are not in good clinical standing (or do not submit a letter), you will not be considered for admission to the FLCC Nursing program. It is your responsibility to follow up on the requested letter.
  • Failure to submit all academic transcripts from each collegiate institute attended will result in dismissal from the program.

Graduation Qualifications

To qualify for the A.A.S. degree under the Accelerated Option for LPNs, you must have enrolled and satisfactorily completed a minimum of 32 credit hours (27 in nursing) and one-year residency requirement at FLCC. All Nursing Department and Admission Office policies apply to this option. Program enrollment is limited.

State-of-the-Art Nursing Facilities

Learn and practice in our newly renovated and expanded Sands Family Center for Allied Health. Our hands-on nursing facilities feature:

  • Simulation labs that look and feel like real hospital rooms.
  • Debriefing rooms to review student demonstrations with faculty.
  • HoloLens equipment using virtual reality to study human anatomy.
  • Science Incubator for group study and professional tutor support.

Tour Nursing Lab

A.A.S. Nursing — Accelerated LPN to RN Outcomes

Start Your Career Immediately

The average salary for RNs was $81,220 in 2022, which is significantly higher than the $54,620 average salary of LPNs. Our RN graduates practice in a variety of healthcare facilities, including many regional hospitals:

  • Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic
  • F. F. Thompson Hospital
  • Highland Hospital
  • Newark-Wayne Community Hospital
  • Rochester Regional Health
  • Strong Memorial Hospital
  • Unity Hospital

Seamless Transfer Opportunities

Many program graduates go on to complete a four-year degree in nursing. An FLCC Nursing degree provides numerous opportunities to transfer easily. With additional education, nursing students can become nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, certified midwives, clinical instructors, and more. View the current list of transfer agreements.

Mandatory Professional Licensure Disclosures:
SUNY's academic programs leading to licensure or certification are carefully designed to meet and exceed New York State requirements. Other states may have their own requirements. If your goal is to practice in another state, please review that state's requirements. View professional licensure disclosures.

FLCC Accreditation Status:
FLCC's program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 400, Atlanta, Georgia 30326. Telephone: (404) 975-5000

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