Music Recording Technology

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Are you an aspiring musician who has a serious interest in creating and recording music? Make your dream of working in music a reality by taking the first steps toward a promising future by enrolling in FLCC's Music Recording Technology program. This program, which features outstanding faculty and world-class recording studios, delivers you the educational background and experience that employers are seeking in the music industry.

A.S. Music Recording Technology

Begin your future path in music by earning your degree in Music Recording Technology from FLCC. Designed to provide you the opportunity to learn your craft as a musician and recording technician, this program gives you the extensive hands-on training that is needed to achieve a thorough understanding of modern recording.

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Experience Advanced Recording Studios

FLCC's state-of-the-art recording studios allow you to experience the latest technology used to process the recording of music and sound. Throughout your program experience, you'll have access to five tracking and editing studios, which provide high-tech facilities and equipment that are unique to the community college experience.

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Recording Studios and Lab

Gain practical experience in music and sound throughout your Music Recording Technology education.

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