FLCC Strategic Plan 2014-2018

With this plan, we are embarking on an exciting future for Finger Lakes Community College. This five-year plan focuses on improving our graduates' proficiency in writing, improving the efficiency of our operations, increasing the numbers of students who leave us with degrees and credentials and partnering with high schools to develop students' skills even before they arrive at our doors.

The Strategic Plan will act as our road map as we deliver on our promise to the community. It sets a new standard of excellence for educating our community's next generation of leaders, and it will help us track our success and report back to the community.

This Strategic Plan will guide us in achieving our mission: FLCC serves as a dynamic learning resource, empowering our students to succeed and fueling the cultural and economic vitality of the region.


FLCC Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Adobe Acrobat, PDF

FLCC Strategic Plan Project Book Adobe Acrobat, PDF