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The Experience

The demand remains high for positions within the smart systems industries. Gaining the technical skills that translate to advanced manufacturing will give you an edge when seeking employment in this quickly evolving field.

FLCC's Smart Systems Technologies certificate provides technical skills and an in-demand education to increase your career options and generate new opportunities. Our faculty are committed to preparing you for job openings across a wide spectrum of high-tech industries, including automation control, electronics manufacturing, food processing, nanotechnology, and renewable energy.

Victor Campus Center

The core classes required for this certificate are offered at FLCC's conveniently-located Victor Campus Center. Classes are scheduled in the afternoons in a HyFlex format, meaning that a portion of the class is web-based, and a portion has flexible day-by-day options for each student.

Victor Campus Center

Online Smart Systems Technologies Certificate

FLCC's Smart Systems Technologies certificate is also available as a fully-accredited online certificate program. This online format creates a convenient and flexible way for you to earn an education. You will be able to study on your own time from a location that fits your schedule, allowing you to access the resources, knowledge, and support you need to become an experienced smart systems professional.

Find out more about online programs at FLCC to see if it's the best-fit academic path for you.

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HyFlex: Learning on Your Time

Everyone's schedule is different. If you have competing priorities, making it to campus for every class may not be realistic. HyFlex takes advantage of emerging technologies, allowing you to choose—day by day—how, when, and where you "attend" class.

HyFlex is an instructional model which broadcasts and records classroom lectures as they take place, making accessibility and flexibility a reality for all students. Through this model, you can decide how and when you access a lecture.

For example, one week, you may attend class in-person on campus, and another, you can watch a live stream from the convenience of your home or a coffee shop. Then, on the following week, you might decide to catch the recorded version of the lecture on a quiet weekend morning. Also, since all lecture video recordings are available online, you can revisit lessons at any time to be prepared for all exams, papers, and projects.

Through FLCC’s HyFlex learning model, the choice of how, when, and where you access your course is yours.

HyFlex Learning

The Faculty

The Smart Systems Technologies programs are directed by Dr. Sam Samanta. He earned his M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University and his Ph.D. University of Maine, and he has been recognized for his hard work and commitment to students as they seek a practical pathway toward a meaningful career.

Smart Systems Technologies Faculty

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