Program Experience

A college student sits cross-legged in the grass studying nearby plants and flowers. In the distance, trees are beginning to take on their autumn hues.

A hands-on education gives you the opportunity to really explore your major. At FLCC, you'll experience this valuable learning approach in our Horticulture program. From gaining skills in landscape design and greenhouse operations to touring regional gardens and greenhouses, you'll gain a broad perspective on the horticulture field and get the experience you need to begin or grow your career.

The Classroom Experience

Attain practical experience in garden design, installation, maintenance, and propagation. Visit regional gardens, greenhouses and nurseries. Learn from dedicated faculty and featured guest lecturers who stem from Cornell Cooperative Extension, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Department of Environmental Conservation. And, as a student in the Horticulture program, you'll have opportunities to explore careers, design your resume, and network with professionals when you take our field experience class. No matter what your future goals are, an education in Horticulture at FLCC provides you a variety of learning experiences.

Gain Practical Skills

The practical skills you'll walk away with after earning your degree or certificate in Horticulture can be applied to many positions in the horticulture field. In your program experience, you'll have the option to gain skills in landscape design drawing, greenhouse operations, tree structure assessment, utility vehicle operation, global positioning systems, and skid steer operation. Whatever your desired career path is, you'll be prepared to explore positions such as landscape designer, estate gardener, plant researcher, or landscape professional upon graduation.

Explore our Horticulture Club

Whether you are pursuing your degree or certificate in Horticulture, we encourage you to check out our horticulture club. As a member of this club, you'll gain additional experience and take field trips to botanical gardens, greenhouse ranges, native plant nurseries, organic seed companies, and research centers. The horticulture club also engages in fundraising activities, which help sponsor distinguished speakers at club events. And, it also helps fund fellow students to take professional certification tests.