Engineering and Technology Club

The Engineering and Technology Club at FLCC provides you opportunities to get involved with interesting, thought-provoking engineering and technical projects outside the classroom. As a member of this club, you'll get to take field trips to local manufacturing sites, attend engineering events, and participate in robotics competitions.

About the Club

The Engineering and Technology Club at FLCC is intended for students in the Architectural Technology, Engineering Science, Instrumentation and Control Technologies, and Mechanical Technology programs. This club is also open to any FLCC student who is interested in engineering, technology, or a related scientific field.

The Engineering and Technology Club provides an environment that allows you to have fun with technical projects without the constraints of a classroom. It offers you the opportunity to learn the real engineering and technology that takes place behind the scenes of a technical project. For more information on this club, contact the club advisor at

Club Activities

In the Engineering and Technology Club, you'll work on various engineering and technical projects such as designing and building robotic vehicles or mechanisms that can demonstrate an engineering principle. You'll also participate in field trips to local manufacturing facilities or technical labs.

Opportunities to attend engineering symposiums, events, and lectures are also available with this club. Additionally, the Engineering and Technology Club organizes events that help increase awareness of engineering and technology with the general public and within the FLCC community.