Natural Resources Conservation


A man wearing a t-shirt and cargo pants leans over a shoreline to examine the inside of a fishing net, which is dripping and covered with algae.

Earth's natural resources are as precious as they are valuable. Gain hands-on training at regional field stations and introductory courses in biology and wildlife management. Prepare for a career in conservation in as little as one year with this certificate program.

The Experience

You can earn a natural resources conservation certificate in as little as one year. FLCC's certificate program is designed for you if you plan to seek employment or if you are looking to grow your skills in the environmental conservation fields.

This program will also benefit you if you hold a degree in other disciplines that will pair well with conservation training. You also may be interested if you serve, or plan to serve, in an appointed or elected environmental decision-making position.

Furthermore, you may choose to progress to one of FLCC's conservation degree programs.

The Faculty

While enrolled in the natural resources conservation certificate program, you will benefit greatly from the teachings the knowledgeable faculty brings to the classroom. You can expect to receive theoretical knowledge in environmental conservation as well as practical field experience.

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