A.A.S. Administrative Professional

The Degree

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

The Outlook

Administrative assistant jobs are expected to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022. The A.A.S. Administrative Professional degree at FLCC will empower you with the knowledge and skills to pursue a fulfilling, worthwhile, and challenging career in today's business environment. As long as there are business offices, there will be a need for administrative assistants.

The Program

The A.A.S. Administrative Professional degree program at FLCC will serve as a stepping-stone to your future by preparing you for an exciting career. This program offers an individualized approach by providing small class sizes along with supportive faculty and staff. Classrooms are equipped with computers utilizing administrative software programs. You will learn new things that are crucial to keeping the office running efficiently.

In addition to learning administrative software, you will cultivate knowledge in administrative procedures, communications, Web page design, office management, project management and information management. Each of these areas are required to handle the multifaceted responsibilities that were once performed by management but are now the responsibility of an administrative assistant.

Online Learning

FLCC's online learning offers you a flexible and convenient way to reach your educational goals. With this option, you can pursue your A.A.S. degree in Administrative Professional at least 50 percent online. Learn more about FLCC online learning.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree program, students will be able to:

  • Apply the standard knowledge and skills to gain an entry-level administrative assistant position.
  • Use current and emerging technologies to solve workplace challenges through research, presentations, analysis and synthesis.
  • Communicate effectively both in oral and written forms as an administrative assistant.
  • Use mathematics to solve workplace challenges encountered by an administrative assistant.
  • Exhibit professional values and honesty to the business environment.
  • Display knowledge and skill with human interaction in a diverse business environment.

The Experience

If you choose to enroll in the Administrative Professional degree program, you can expect to be prepared for the ever-evolving technological business world. While majoring in this area of study, current computer technology will be instructed to you thoroughly. Additionally, the program will also cultivate those advanced skills required to handle the complex responsibilities that were once performed by management. Each of these acquired skills will help you contribute to the successful operation and management of an efficient business.

The Graduates

As a graduate of this degree program, you will be employable immediately upon graduation and career choices are as diverse as one's imagination. Job opportunities are in:

  • Legal, Medical or Veterinary Medicine
  • Accounting, Advertising, Banking, Insurance or Real Estate
  • Federal, State or Local Governments
  • Entertainment, Construction, Retail or Education
  • Wine Industry or Hospitality
  • Science or Research
  • Manufacturing

The Scholarships

As an Administrative Professional student, if you meet specific award criteria, you will be eligible for the following scholarships:

  • Joanne Glover Memorial
  • Canandaigua Rotary Martin Schneider
  • Carol Scharett Memorial

For more information on these scholarships, contact the FLCC Foundation.

The Faculty

The professors in the Administrative Professional degree program are dedicated to FLCC's mission of teaching and are committed to instructing the most current office technology. The faculty is known for being student-oriented. Faculty members hold master's degrees and bring years of practical office experience to the classroom and relate their experiences to the concepts they teach. Additionally, faculty members in the department have been awarded the prestigious State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.