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Writing Center

Writing is a kind of conversation. Whether we are developing research papers or writing about our experiences, we are contributing to the larger conversation of our society; it is a conversation in print.

At The Write Place, we're all about conversation.

From generating ideas for an assignment to providing a fresh pair of eyes on an almost-final draft, and all points in between, our tutors are here to talk about your writing by reading your work, offering suggestions and, most importantly, by listening.

We don't own red pens, and we don't edit papers. Instead, we'll talk with you about your writing by asking about the assignment, reading the work aloud and discussing both what you have written and your goals for the piece. We'll also offer a few suggestions for revision, but they're always suggestions because we know that your paper is, and should always be, your work.

In order for you to have the best tutoring session possible, we ask that you bring three things:

  • Your assignment sheet
  • A working draft, if you have one
  • The willingness to engage in a conversation about your writing

Most tutoring sessions last from 20-30 minutes for up to five pages of writing, and 40-50 minutes for 5+ pages. No appointment is necessary, although appointments are available and strongly recommended.

In addition to our one-on-one tutoring, we have other writing resources available for both faculty and students.