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Community Standards

The Community Standards office is responsible for developing and administering the Student Code of Conduct that supports the College's mission and vision.

The Code outlines the rights and responsibilities of students, behaviors prohibited on and off campus, the process involved for responding to allegations of student misconduct, and what actions (sanctions) the College may take in resolving violations. A student attending FLCC agrees to be governed by this Student Code of Conduct, as well as other College policies.

Individuals who believe that a violation of the Student Code of Conduct has occurred may contact the Community Standards Office to discuss options available for reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities on campus.

Disciplinary Conference Survey Results

At the conclusion of the conduct process, students are asked to complete a survey about their experience with the conduct process at FLCC. The feedback helps the Office of Community Standards ensure students are afforded a fair and just process.

Reports & Survey Results Adobe Acrobat, PDF