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Considering Physical Education at FLCC?

The physical education department offers an Associate in Science in Physical Education Studies designed to prepare students to pursue baccalaureate degrees in Physical Education. The program is suitable for students whose goals include teaching, coaching, fitness, and wellness careers.

The Associate Degree in Applied Science in Therapeutic Massage / Integrated Health Care provides graduates with the required hours to sit for the New York State licensing exam in massage therapy. Graduates who pass this exam are qualified to practice as licensed massage therapists (LMT's) in New York State. This program is suitable for students interested in the complimentary therapies. Coursework includes not only the massage therapy curriculum but additional studies in other types of complimentary therapies. Graduates may choose to pursue upper level programs in many of the complimentary therapies.

There is also a four-hour physical education requirement for all students. This program is based on the philosophy that a healthy, active lifestyle will enhance the quality of one's life and that all students, regardless of their interest, age, sex, or disability, benefit from the opportunity to participate in physical education.

Areas of Study

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