Disability Services

Services for students with disabilities are provided by the Disability Services OfficeFLCC does not have a formal program of study for special populations. The College believes the needs of each person with a disability are individual and unique. Therefore, services are provided on an individual basis.

The range of services may include, but is not limited to:

  • Alternative format for print materials
  • Alternative testing arrangements
  • Assistance with academic advisement
  • Assistive technology assistance
  • Note takers, scribes, or readers

Please note: FLCC does not provide personal aides or attendants.

Forms and Applications

FLCC Disabilities Services Application

Test Accommodation Request Form

Areas of Refuge for Individuals with a Disability

In an emergency requiring building evacuation, people with mobility issues may not be able to evacuate without help. There are designated areas of refuge that provide protection where individuals with mobility issues may wait until assistance is available from emergency responders. Learn more about the Areas of Refuge for Individuals with a Disability on Main Campus.

Voter Registration

Voter registration services are available at the Disability Services Office. In addition, detailed voter registration information and application forms are available on the New York State Board of Elections website.


Melissa Soules
Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: (585)785-1441
Lisa Thomas
Assistant Director, Academic Success & Access Programs
Phone: (585)785-1390

Room: 3580