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Developmental Studies

Developmental Studies offers courses in reading, writing, and study skills.  Courses are designed to help students develop the ability to be successful in college courses; class size is small to allow for interaction between the students and instructor. 

We also offer courses in American Sign Language.  These courses will fulfill the General Education requirement for students intending to enter the field of education or a health related career.

The Teacher Assistant Certificate program is coordinated through the Department.  This program is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to complete appropriate college course work which may result in certification through the New York State education Department.


Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center, located in the Academic Commons (FLCC library, third floor), provides services to help students make the most of their educational experience. Professional staff can assist students with difficult assignments, studying for exams or writing research papers. The Academic Support Center on the Canandaigua campus has a computer classroom as well as technology for sight-impaired and hearing-impaired students.

Adult Basic Education Program

The Adult Basic Education Program offers a variety of classes throughout the area to help prepare students for the TASC (formerly GED) exam. The TASC - Test Accessing Secondary Completion - replaced the GED on January 1, 2014 in New York state. These classes are open to adults and out of school youth ages 17 and older.  The classes prepare participants for the TASC exam by reviewing writing, social studies, science, literature, math, and test taking skills. This program also provides information about the exam and assistance with special testing requests.  The Adult Education Program also offers basic skills review, and English as a Second Language instruction. See the below schedule and guidelines or contact us for more information.

High School Equivalency
English as a Second Language (ESL) Class Schedule / Horario De Clases

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities (LD) is a term used to describe a variety of difficulties in acquiring, storing and/or retrieving information. These difficulties can often lead to problems with reading, writing or mathematics. Learning disability services are offered on a highly individualized basis and may include extended time and alternate locations for tests, peer tutors, note takers and texts on tape. Students may contact the LD coordinator to arrange for services. Documentation is required.

Peer Tutors

A Peer Tutor program provides assistance on a one-to-one or group basis for any course offered at FLCC.