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Help students overcome challenges and attain their goals by using Starfish to identify when students are facing obstacles and get that information into the hands of the people who can help.

Starfish early alert

  • Identify students who need attention by raising flags that are delivered to the appropriate service providers on campus
  • Capture all data related to a student and their success path in secure, centralized folders
  • Understand the outcome of your flag by connecting with the service provider

Starfish connect

  • Point students in the right direction with a personalized list of helpful resources and integrated appointment tools
  • Simplify meeting management and quickly capture critical activities and outcomes as part of each student's record
  • Engage students in creating their academic plans, including a friendly interface that accommodates "what-ifs"

Starfish is available through Blackboard, the FLCC Learning Management System. To login to Blackboard go to: fingerlakes.open.suny.edu once you login to Blackboard you will be automatically logged in to Starfish.

You will find a link to Starfish in the top right hand corner of your page after you login or on the footer of the home page.

Your username and password is the same as your username and password for webadivsor. If you have an active e-mail account on file with the College, use the 'what's my password?' option on the WebAdvisor guest menu if you forget your password.

You are asked to provide feedback on students in two ways:

  1. Progress Surveys:
    Twice during each semester, for one week, a progress survey is sent eliciting feedback on students in specific cohorts: Athletes, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), military veterans, College Achievement Program (CAP), academic probation, and Aspiring nurse.

    Feedback can be provided by selecting a priority area of concern, such as:
    • Keep it up
    • Showing Improvement
    • At Risk of Failing
    • Attendance Concern
    • Low Participation
    • Recommend Course Withdrawal
    • Science Support Needed
    • Writing Support Needed
    • Mathematics Support Needed
    • General Tutoring Assistance needed
  2. Manual Flags:
    Manual flags (same as list above) can be raised on cohort students when the survey is not open OR for students who are not in one of the cohorts. Cohort managers monitor manual flags just as they would for survey feedback. The office of Academic Success and Access programs monitors multiple flags raised on non-cohort students and provides outreach.

Remember that students receive notifications regarding feedback and read the comments associated with the flags raised.

Here are a few tips when writing a comment:

  • Address the comment to the student, not about the student
  • Provide additional context as to why the flag is being raised
  • Suggest follow-up steps for the student (i.e., visit office hours, email to arrange a time to meet, attend said tutoring center for support).
  • Close the comment with your name

To take attendance in Starfish, login to Blackboard, click on the Starfish link, and then click students. Click the tab near the top that says "Attendance". On the right side of the screen select the semester and course you want to take attendance in. Back near the left side top, click "record attendance". If this is your first time recording attendance it will ask for your class meeting schedule. Once you have filled this out select the date you want to take attendance for, mark only the absences or the excused and hit submit. If all students are present, just hit submit. To view past attendance information just click "attendance report" which is near where you clicked "record attendance".

To ensure your grades in Blackboard match your grades in Starfish you must have your external grade column set to your overall column in Blackboard. Go to your course in Blackboard; go to grade center, full grade center. Hit the down arrow next to the column that contains the students overall grades. Click "set as external grade". You should now see a green check mark next to the column that holds the students overall grades. This will ensure that the data flowing from Blackboard matches the data in Starfish.

After searching for a student in Starfish and clicking on their name, a pop-up box appears which can provide helpful information when supporting students in advising meetings, coaching appointments, office hours, tutoring sessions, etc.

Overview: Indicates cohort assignment (if applicable)
Info: Indicates a student's academic standing, course load, GPA, etc.
Courses: Lists course enrollment
Tracking: Lists all feedback items raised by all instructors, including comments
Meetings: Indicates visits to tutoring centers on main campus and at campus centers

Students who are in a designated cohort have an FLCC staff person who monitors student progress and starfish feedback. Cohort managers are responsible for providing outreach, meeting with students, and making appropriate referrals as necessary. The following is a list of student cohorts and assigned cohort managers:

  1. Student Athletes: Assistant Director of Athletics
  2. Educational Opportunity Program(EOP): EOP Outreach Specialist (ASAP Office)
  3. College Achievement Program(CAP): Educational Planning Coach (EPCS Office )
  4. Aspiring Nurse Program: Educational Planning Coach (EPCS Office)
  5. Students on Probation: Student Services Counselor (EPCS Office)
  6. Military Veterans: Student Life Office

Additionally, students who receive a tutoring recommendation are contacted as follows by staff in the office of Academic Success and Access Programs:

  • Math Tutoring Recommended: Math Center Coordinator
  • Writing Support Recommended: Write Place Coordinator
  • Science Tutoring Recommended: Instructional Specialist
  • General Tutoring Recommended: Instructional Specialist

If you have questions about student follow-up after feedback has been submitted, it is encouraged that you contact the appropriate staff person to discuss appropriate steps for collaboration and support.


Andrea Compo
Student Life Specialist-Retention Systems
Room: 2035
Phone: 585-785-1767
E-mail: Andrea.Compo@flcc.edu
Web: www.flcc.edu/studentlife
Ryan McCabe
Director of Online Learning
Room: 3792
Phone: 585-785-1683
E-mail: Ryan.McCabe@flcc.edu
Web: www.flcc.edu/online
Colleen Johnson
Director of Academic Success & Access Programs
Room: 3893
Phone: 585-785-1447
E-mail: Colleen.Johnson@flcc.edu
Web: www.flcc.edu/asap