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Withdrawal from a Course/Withdrawal Deadlines

If you have questions about how a withdrawal/drop from a course will affect your graduation, academic standing, financial aid, eligibility to play athletics, veterans' benefits or tuition refund, contact the One Stop Center prior to submitting the form.

You should not assume that failing to attend class will result in the instructor dropping you from class. Your non-attendance may result in a grade of "F" and thus jeopardize your academic standing and financial aid. Self-initiating the withdrawal before the deadline will ensure that you do not receive an "F" grade for the course.

Withdrawal Deadlines

15-Week Courses

  • Last day to withdraw from a Spring 2015, 15-week course without a transcript notation is February 16th.
  • Last day to withdraw from a Spring 2015, 15-week course is April 24th.  A 'W' grade will be recorded on your transcript.

Varied Length Courses - Courses that do not meet the entire 15-week semester

Summer & Winter Sessions

Individual course drops for a Summer or Winter Session course are accepted through the last date each course meets. Please see the appropriate session for course specific dates.

Drop a course(s) (while remaining registered for at least one other course)

To withdraw from an individual course, submit a completed drop form (available at to the One Stop Center, Geneva Campus Center, Victor Campus Center or Wayne County Campus Center. Drops from individual courses do not require the signature of the instructor; however, before dropping a class, you should carefully consider any financial or academic consequences.

Students enrolled in an online course may drop from an online course by sending an email to Please include your name, student ID number, and the class you wish to withdraw from in your email.

Drop all of your courses (Complete Withdrawal)

Students wishing to completely withdraw from all courses should contact Educational Planning and Career Services. Complete withdrawals from the College will be accepted through the last day of classes.  The form is available at