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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the benefit of attending the Wayne County Center?

If you live in the surrounding area, the Wayne County Center is close to home and easily accessible. It provides a wonderful educational experience in a small personalized atmosphere. You can start with a full-time schedule or just a course, and the services you need to succeed are available.

Q: Can I receive financial aid for courses at the Wayne County Center?

Yes, financial aid is available for both full and part time studies depending on eligibility.

Q: What does matriculation mean?

A student is matriculated when they apply and are accepted into the College.

Q: I don't understand the admissions process. Can the Wayne County Center help?

The Wayne County Center has professionals that can help you with the paper work and answer your questions.

Q: I am not sure what I want to study and have questions about my major. What should I do?

Make an appointment at the Wayne County Center and an advisor will assist you.

Q: Are the credits I earn at the Wayne County Center transferable?

Yes, you are earning FLCC credit just as you would at the Canandaigua campus. FLCC credit transfers to other SUNY and private colleges across the country.

Q: How do I get my books?

Students can order books and supplies through the book store website and choose the option to have the order sent to the Wayne Center.

Q: Where do I park?

The Wayne County Center has a parking lot adjacent to the building.

Q: Can I earn a degree at the Wayne County Center?

No, you are able to attend many courses at the Center. However, you will need to attend the Canandaigua campus in order to fulfill all your degree requirements.

Q: Can I mail forms to the Canandaigua campus from the Wayne County Center?

Yes, we have daily courier service to all our FLCC campuses.

Q: Can I register for any FLCC classes at the Wayne County Center?

Yes, you may register for Wayne County classes or those offered at FLCC's other locations.

Q: What if I want to change my schedule?

The Wayne County Center Staff can help you change your schedule. You may also do so online through WebAdvisor. Visit and click on WebAdvisor/Course Schedules.

Q: Can I use the Wayne County Center's computers if I am not taking classes at the Center?

If you are a registered student at FLCC, you may use the computers at any of FLCC's locations.