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Academic Support Center

Academic assistance is available to all students who wish to improve their skills in areas such as reading, grammar, writing, study skills, computational skills, mathematics, or science. We offer assistance with any course taught at FLCC. All services are currently free of charge for all FLCC students. Academic Support Centers are located on Main Campus and at the Geneva and Wayne County Campus Centers.

Peer Tutoring Program

This program offers peer tutoring on a one-to-one as well as group basis. Peer tutoring arrangements can be made by contacting the Academic Support Center.

Disability Services Office

Services to students with disabilities are offered on a highly individualized basis and may include extended time and alternate locations for tests, peer tutors, note takers and texts on tape. Students may contact the LD coordinator in the Developmental Studies Department to arrange for services. Documentation is required.

The Write Place

FLCC’s writing center offers assistance to students on any writing project on a drop-in basis. The Write Place provides a comfortable environment for individualized or small-group work at four locations: the Academic Commons, the Honors House, and at both the Geneva and Wayne Campus Centers. Faculty members from the Humanities and Developmental Studies departments, who staff the center, help students develop their sense of personal expression and writing skills in a supportive and collegial setting. In the Write Place, students can seek help with organizing, drafting, documenting, and revising their essays or research papers. Visit the Writing Center page.

The Math Center

Most students are required to take a math course, and many find college-level mathematics difficult, even if they were successful math students in high school. You can get help all throughout a course, or you can stop by for assistance understanding just one problem or formula.

Science Incubator

Science classes can be very challenging with complex theories, specific processes, and complicated formulas to learn. Science classes are required for many degrees, so your success in these courses is even more important. Participate in group study, connect with science tutors, and prepare for success in the Incubator. The Incubator is found in the Science wing in room C-313 on Main Campus. Visit for more details.